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           youth financial               assistance program

One of the CVCT Collaborative's core programs is providing financial assistance to organizations and individuals in the east Coachella Valley that need help in placing at-risk youth into needed programs and services.  The objective of this core service is to make sure at-risk youth are not left behind because of a lack of resources to get the programs and services needed to succeed. 


Over the past 5 years over 1000 youth in the east Coachella Valley have received financial help in gaining access to needed programs and services.  Our process for financial assistance includes requesting financial help through an application form, review by the CVCT Financial Support Chairperson, and approval by the CVCT Collaborative Board of Directors.  A 2020 survey done by HARC showed 80% of the recipients indicated the financial assistance "was extremely" helpful.  The survey also showed that 50% of the requests for help came from individuals and 50% came from our collaborative partners to serve specific at-risk youth in their programs.

The success of this program drives the CVCT Collaborative Board of Directors to continue to seek funding so that no youth in the east Coachella Valley is denied  the services or opportunity to participate due to financial inability. 

Requests Awarded


DRD Kids Club Snacks Fred Young Farm Labor Camp $1,000


Indio High School Cross Country Team Trip to Finals $500


Children’s Charity of the Desert Variety Program $500


Boy Scout Troop #50 Camping Gear $200


Coachella Valley Soccer Club Trip to Finals $650


CVHC Holiday Party At Villa Hermosa Apartments $500


La Quinta Middle Backpacks & Uniforms $500


PDHS Career Girl’s Day Leadership Conference $500


Jefferson Elementary Kidz Rok Dance Program $500


Angel Light Youth Leadership Conference $1,000


DAC Double Amputee Trip To Compete in Las Vegas $250


DRD Leaders in Training Program Scholarships $500


IPAC Youth Theatre Camp Program Scholarships $500

Desert Recreation District Summer Baseball Program $1000

Damariz Hernandez Horseback riding lessons $750

Please use the new Youth Financial Request Application to submit your request.

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