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The Harry Muñoz Jr. Memorial Scholarship Program enables local area students to reach their full potential through continuing education.

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As a lifelong educator, Harry Muñoz Jr. was passionate in his support of students who wanted to continue their education. The CVCT Collaborative is keeping that passion alive by offering scholarships to graduating seniors in 2021.

Join the effort and support our youth!
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harry Muñoz Jr.


​Harry Muñoz Jr. was a warm, kindhearted person who was quick to share an encouraging word. He lived by the mantra "do right by kids" and he put his heart and soul into his family, work and community.  With that same heart, CVCT is proud to honor his memory by naming the scholarship program the "Harry Muñoz Jr. Memorial Scholarship Program" in recognition of the man that made capturing kids hearts a daily practice.

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