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CVCT Receives $5,000 award for At-Risk Youth Services

Pacific Western Bank has announced the award of $5,000 to the Coachella Valley Community Trust (CVCT) Collaborative for its programs and services for at-risk and opportunity youth in the east Coachella Valley.

Pacific Western Bank is a commercial bank with over $35 billion in assets headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Through a robust community development program, Pacific Western Bank has a long-standing history of supporting local communities. The Bank actively works to improve the well-being of communities by committing financial and human resources throughout the state of California and beyond.

According to Jaime Bikis, President of the CVCT Collaborative, CVCT’s mission is to "foster productive and responsible young people through effective community collaborations." “As a 501c3, CVCT collaborates with local organizations that are serving youth in the eastern Coachella Valley. CVCT networks with more than 30 community based organizations including school districts, service organizations, local businesses, media, parents, law enforcement, probation, parks and recreation district, boys & girls clubs, non-profits and faith based organizations to provide a combination of direct services and referral services that address youth issues in the eastern Coachella Valley. We are thrilled that Pacific Western Bank supports the idea of collectively working together to bring resources and services to community youth who are experiencing barriers such as poverty, abuse, disabilities, inequality, alienation, and low school performance, and thus is very pleased to support the CVCT Collaborative efforts”

“The CVCT Collaborative knows that reaching out to youth is the best way to build safe communities and improve neighborhoods. Working collaboratively is the only way to prevent gang activity and youth-related crimes and give kids greater confidence in their futures”, said Benjamin Guitron, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer for CVCT.

Ron Hagan, Grants and Funding Chairperson for CVCT, stated that the money from Pacific Western Bank will be used exclusively for CVCT core services including youth financial aid, continuing education, juvenile diversion and prevention programs, and it’s afterschool Kid’s Clubs. The CVCT Board of Directors looks forward to partnering with Pacific Western Bank to accomplish its goals.

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